Fear Free PracticeAccording to the Bayer Veterinary Healthcare Usage Study, 37% of dog owners and 58% of cat owners said their pets hate going to the vet! Furthermore, 26% of dog owners and 38% of cat owners said that just thinking about going to the vet was stressful.

With that in mind, Hardin Valley Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing a Fear-Free Practice. We believe that the minimization of fear enhances the level of care we can provide for our patients.

By removing anxiety triggers and creating a stress-free environment, pets will actually show a noticeably positive change in behavior when going to the vet! We even use pheromones, or natural scents that animals use in social interaction, to give your pets a more calming experience.

Our dedication to being a Fear-Free Practice is just one way we seek to elevate the level of veterinary care that we provide for your pets. It’s not just about treatment at Hardin Valley Animal Hospital, we want both you and your pet to be smiling when you come in and when you leave!

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